This story relates to the high cost of housing in the bay area that people have to store their belongings to storage companies and pay monthly fees to down size.

She could not pay the storage fees (maybe late for 3 months) and run out of time to pay the balance for the storage rental company so they auctioned her belongings. She cried as her children’s old photos and other important documents are included in the auction.

Now she lost most of her material possessions after paying $100 per month for the last 2 years to the storage company. She is 62 yrs old, single and still working as a caregiver. Her car is old and she did not remarry as she dedicated her life to her children who are now older adults. No relatives, friends and family was able to help her.

She called her daughter and said, you will find me in the Nut House, mental hospital. She is so exhausted but hanging on. So, I listened to her story and felt sad about her story and paid for her one hour body/foot massage in the bay area ($30).

To all my viewers, sort out your storage and keep only those that are important. Sell stuff at EBAY or craigslist. Take a picture of your old photos and documents and store them in your gmail account.

Here are the average national storage unit costs:

  • $40-$50 per month for a 5-by-5-foot unit.
  • $75-$140 per month for a 10-by-15-foot unit.
  • $115-$150 per month for a climate-controlled 10-by-15-foot unit.
  • $95-$155 per month for a 10-by-20-foot unit.
  • $170-$180 per month for a climate-controlled 10-by-20-foot unit.