My client found Motherhealth  caregivers 408-854-1883 at Craigslist. When asked how much they can afford for a live in caregiver, they can only afford $200 per month. Since there is no lifting and the level of care is not so high, Motherhealth caregivers agreed to the price. The caregivers give massage, cooked healthy meals, cleaned the house and acted as companion to the home-bound senior in her 90s who uses oxygen at night.

Many families find their caregivers thru agencies and word of mouth. When you find your caregivers, it is important that there is another person monitoring and training your caregiver and keeps you with unlimited supply of caregivers as they come and go or your need changes that you need 24/7 care.

It is best when you have long term care insurance who will pay for the caregiving costs.

Ensure that your house is senior safe to prevent falls, to have a clean supply of water and air and whole foods. Your pantry and refrigerator must have no molds, fungus and other bacteria. All expired foods must be removed.

There are seniors who do not exercise, find a way for them to exercise either by walking around the house or doing other light chores or activities.

Widowed seniors need companion at home. It helps them live longer in the company of others or pets. A stuff animal toy was one of the favorite toys of a client with Alzheimer’s.

Seniors leaving alone feel more depressed and anxious that their immune system goes down. They also have no energy to prepare their meals and they eat ready to cook meals that are not healthy.

With my 81 yr old mom, I drive her around every Saturdays and Sundays, showing her the beautiful bay area scene, going to the farmer’s market/Asian supermarket or visiting friends. She takes her anti-hypertensive meds and anti-allergy creams. I provide a steady supply of dietary supplements, clean filtered water and whole foods.

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