It takes a village to monitor the health of another person such as families, friends, health care team, social network, community, senior centers, adult day care, caregivers, health coach, nutritionist, dentists, chiropractor, massage therapist and other health care pros.

More positive health outcomes can be seen in societies where there are more people involved in the health care delivery or monitoring of well being of a person.

A family watching each other’s health with a primary care doctor and preparing their food together conscious of what is healthy and what gives them ailments.

A single daughter taking care of her widowed mother in her 80s, ensuring she has whole foods, clean water and dietary supplements.

A daughter massaging her mom with Alzheimer’s whenever she visits her in a care home.

A son driving her parents for their doctor’s appointments.

A 90 yr old male friend bringing cooked food or mowing the lawn of her widowed neighbor, also in her 90s.

A visiting nurse caring for the wounds of a senior client.

A visiting podiatrist caring for the feet and nails of her senior client.

A young caregiver as companion to a senior neighbor.

And some technologies that can help in the health care delivery, Uber drivers, google and the internet to search for health information, smart phone to monitor health and call/text the doctor, youtube for funny videos of babies and animals bringing laughter to seniors, health data insights, and the lists go on…

Email for your suggestion on how to create a caring village to deliver health care.

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