THE INVESTIGATION CONTINUES: Meticulous, detail-oriented, and hard-charging, the former FBI director appointed to run the Russia investigation is a classic G-Man, FP’s Elias Groll reports: Read more
AND SO IT BEGINS: French President Emmanuel Macron’s greatest vulnerability might be his connection to an international banking family that has obsessed the country for centuries, David Clay Large writes: Read more
RIGGED?: Iran’s president is vying for votes by attacking the country’s unelected institutions. But votes might not be what decides the election, Alex Vatanka writes: Read more
NAFTA 2.0: Newly minted U.S. trade negotiator Robert Lighthizer said the goal is to revamp, not scrap, NAFTA. He wants to wrap up the talks this year, FP’s Jessica Holzer writes: Read more
A GERMAN IN WASHINGTON: Ahead of President Donald Trump’s first NATO meeting, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel came to Washington with a message: If “America First” means anything, it means putting European security at the top of the agenda, FP’s Emily Tamkin writes: Read more
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REDUCING TENSIONS BETWEEN RUSSIA AND NATO: The latest CFR report by Professor Kimberly Marten details how U.S. policymakers can work with NATO allies to both deter Russian aggression and reassure Russia that NATO’s intentions are defensive. Read the report now.