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MSNBC might cancel Lawrence O’Donnell’s highly-rated prime time television show “The Last Word” after his contract expires on June 4th.

This comes at a time when MSNBC has made some dubious personnel changes, hiring Fox News veteran Greta van Susteren and former Bush spokesperson  Nicole Wallace—signaling that the network hopes to get in good graces with the Trump Administration.

Sign the petition to MSNBC: Keep Lawrence O’Donnell on the air.

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Letting Lawrence O’Donnell go would absolutely delight Trump. In 2011, O’Donnell called on NBC to fire Donald Trump from the Apprentice because of his irresponsible and racist birther campaign against Obama.

Trump even once threatened to sue O’Donnell for defamation, but true to his blustering bully persona never followed up on that threat.

Lawrence O’Donnell is an asset to MSNBC. He has a record of holding this president accountable for spreading hate. It is unthinkable that a supposedly left-leaning network would let him go at a time like this.

Sign the petition to MSNBC: Keep Lawrence O’Donnell on the air.

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Irna Landrum, Daily Kos

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