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Today, we look at how U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley is charting her own path in diplomacy, which 16th century religious figure President Donald Trump resembles, and what a former CIA director has to say about the Russia investigation.

MANCUNIAN MANIFESTO: I love Manchester, but please stop celebrating my hometown, writes FP’s James Palmer, adding, “giving ordinary places symbolic value is what terrorists want”: Read more
NIKKI HALEY’S NEW PATH: Trump’s U.N. envoy travels to the Middle East to highlight needs of Syrian refugees while the White House presses budget cuts that could harm them, FP’s Colum Lynch reports: Read more
TWEETING THE REFORMATION?: If Martin Luther, the leader of the Protestant Reformation, could have tweeted the 95 theses, he would have. And he was no slouch at locker room talk either, Alec Ryrie writes: Read more
PLAYACTING PEACE: On his first visit to Israel, Trump stressed his “personal commitment” to ending its conflict with Palestine, but did nothing to prove it, Gregg Carlstrom reports: Read more
THE INVESTIGATION CONTINUES: Former CIA Director John Brennan told lawmakers that intelligence revealing communications between American and Russian officials “raised questions” about cooperation for him, FP’s Jenna McLaughlin writes: Read more
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REDUCING TENSIONS BETWEEN RUSSIA AND NATO: The latest CFR report by Professor Kimberly Marten details how U.S. policymakers can work with NATO allies to both deter Russian aggression and reassure Russia that NATO’s intentions are defensive. Read the report now.