molecular and clinical datadeep immune profilingWe are working to fight cancer using health data. Today at the conference on Big Data in Biomedicine , transforming lives through Precision Health at Stanford University, many  geneticists, data scientists, technologists and immune system scientists gathered to learn and collaborate in the fight against cancer. Some gaps must be addressed to reach more cancer patients and get better clinical outcomes:

  • Patient engagement is still missing when scientists are busy finding data insights from health data.
  • How do we manage cancer patients? Our health care management must be on top of patient outcomes.
  • Data monitoring cancer patient data with patient engagement must be available in the future.
  • This is still the current gap due to costs reasons.
  • Clinical trial enrollment for targeted molecular and clinical cancer therapies is still not reaching a larger set of population. Adult cancer patients are treated in communities (less likely to be enrolled in clinical trials) while pediatric cancer patients are treated in specialized hospitals.
  • Traditional cancer specialists are not trained as immunologists.
  • Technical data and health education are not reaching and digestible for health consumers. Support groups must be used to disseminate information. The increasing amount of health information and research are not reaching health consumers.


  • Enakshi Singh SAP HANA and Cancerlinq
  • Nikesh Kotecha Parker Institute
  • Ash Alizadeh Stanford U
  • Ami Bhatt Stanford U