Can we create health tools to help monitor and be proactive with the health of our current patients with full engagement from all health care team? There are high tech tools today that is being developed to help our patients, measuring biometrics, behaviours and biology. A smart caregiver using health tools, health data, health science and health care team can be very helpful in preventing emergencies.

At Motherhealth – bay area caregivers , we educate and train caregivers and families in ensuring to be proactive about the health of the people we serve.

One of our senior client was visited by a nurse who measured his body temp (anally) and with feedback from the caregiver regarding his body responses the night before (pain level, anxiety, and other feedback from his biology and other health care data) was able to determine to take the patient to the ER for antibiotics and be monitored by the doctor for more health data.

The future is looking at smart and empowered care teams from doctors, health consumers and caregivers to take an important role in monitoring and impacting better health outcomes.

While more money is used to create more clinical trials, high technology tools and collaboration, the volume of research and tools are increasing in number every day that the health consumer has to proactively be part of the equation in defining the future of health care with less waste and reduced chronic care costs.

Lessons: Health consumers and families are engaged about their health outcomes. Health tools are used in combination with human touch.

In transporting the patient from home to bay area hospital where a gourney is used and not a wheelchair without incurring the cost of the emergency transport, google non-emergency transport and call the ER of the hospital of your arrival time. And maybe transfer the patient from gourney to wheel chair once you arrive in the hospital. We wish that the doctor can be connected online, and the nurse can administer the antiobiotics IV. We are not in this mode yet, that we have to transport patients for pneumonia and UTI when a home health solution can be implemented with telemedicine and a nurse practitioner communicating to a visiting home health nurse. This is still using only a smart phone and common nursing tools. We have not used the high tech tools that is envisioned and the greatest in the preventive and monitoring health care space.

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