Motherhealth shall provide health concierge to doctors and health consumers using the latest health tools and with range of support for the richest and poorest of the population.

Health and human touch combined to bring the latest in health innovation and the basic human interaction, behavioural, community support and interaction that will help the rich and poor navigate the changing health conditions and environment at home, in hospitals and the internet.

Profit sharing with health consumers and health professionals shall be sought.

Email to participate in this approach to health with no boundaries using health tools of the past, present and future. Complimentary alternative medicine, current medical approaches and protocols and health tools of the present and future.

The first function will be an Uber like matching of medical and non medical care between health consumers and health care pros.

The second function will be a health concierge for doctors and health consumers with latest health screens, biomarkers and health care innovations/gadgets/tools and included are DIY tools for free curated to each person.

The third function is a one stop health care concierge for the health consumers, an amazon like approach to health care.