Message by caregivers to families

The work of a caregiver also includes communicating to the families of their clients, providing health tips and education and supporting the wishes of families and their loved ones.

At times, we are torn between what is beneficial to the client and their families and what is needed for health and wellness of the client. Our goal is always providing health support, non medical way, to our client to have quality of life.

Our care is less and not heavy when families of our clients help in caring for their love ones. A visit, a massage and other ways of showing care is important in alleviating nervous tension or anxiety from seniors which strengthen their immune system with less stress and stronger nervous system which in turn prolong their lives in healthy way possible.

When I first visit a home, I always clean the refrigerator and kitchen, removing moldy and expired foods. Ensuring that medications can prevent falls and other emergencies.

Ensuring that the house is senior safe.

And educating families about the health of their love ones and ways to support them thru wellness.

Health promotion takes a village and all health network must be communicating to each other with one goal in mind, quality of life and wellness.

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Morning Larry,

Hope to receive your check soon.

Reminder to get your mom a physical therapist and massage therapist for her to have strong joints.
A supplement at whole foods can also help, ZYFLAMEND for joints…
Hi Jan,
Your assistance is needed in ensuring your mom can prevent or fight UTI in the future:
with Vit C, cranberry, less sugar consumption, good hygiene and whole foods


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