FINALLY happening:


Pressure is mounting on Congress to do something about Trump. And now, Members of Congress (including some Republicans) are showing signs of moving towards impeachment!

It’s painfully clear that Donald Trump is unfit for office — and Congress is finally starting to notice. If you think Trump needs to go, add your name right away:

There’s no denying that Trump’s presidency has been an unmitigated disaster. In the past two weeks, he’s:

— Leaked classified intelligence to Russian officials.
— INTERFERED with an investigation into his administration’s ties to Russia.
— And unveiled a budget plan that GUTS Medicaid, food stamps, and anti-poverty efforts.

Connie, we simply can’t put our country through three more years of Trump and his inept, hateful, and corrupt mess.

If he remains in office, Trump will just continue put his interests first. Without question, he will cause irreparable harm to some of our country’s most treasured institutions.

The time to take action is NOW, while we still have time and momentum on our side. The calls for impeachment are growing — and we need to make our voices heard loud and clear.

Sign your name immediately if you want Trump IMPEACHED:

Thanks for standing up,

– The Progressive Turnout Project