When a cancer patient decided for home care and not hospice or hospital care

A 76 yrs old cancer patient wanted to spend his remaining life at home and not in the care of hospital or hospice. He wants to prolong his life and not bother with end of life solution from hospice, a sub lingual morphine that expires the body in less than a week. And he does not want to be hooked up in IVs and be checked or scanned by MRI every 8 hrs in the hospital, one of the biggest learning center in the bay area. The nurse and nursing assistants and other staff are very helpful except for few doctors and nurse practitioner who are eager to send the patient to a hospice care where sub-lingual morphine is the immediate care to end life in less than a week.

Pain from his many cancers , lung and adenocarcinoma, are still bearable for all he wanted was to be cared for in his house. He celebrated his release from his last 4-day in the hospital by spending his afternoon napping, all shaved (by his life partner) and a foot massage from her caregiver from Motherhealth – http://www.clubalthea.com in home care with loving bay area caregivers.

A week before he was already seeing some spirits and was constipated at home and did lots of defacation in the hospital.

He maybe stressed in other areas of his life but is taking all the pain and very in control of his life and health together with his life partner. Together, they fought the hospital to be able to spend his remaining days at home in the care of his life partner without much medical intervention.

He planned to donate all his organs and body parts to science/medicine. He loved art and had been in many bay area non-profit boards/organization.

As one of his caregivers, I cried for my father died with lung cancer too and I treated him like family. We lit incense last night and said a prayer. May he rest in peace and may God welcome him in His kingdom.

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