Match care providers with heath consumers

Motherhealth plans to create a health concierge application with the first module to match care providers with heath consumers in an Uber like format.

A village of care providers
You will belong to one or more cities to make up a village to provide health care support as caregiver, doctor or other allied health professional.  Our goal is to create a village where everyone can be a care provider such as a caregiver, doctor or allied health professional.
All members of the village will have profit sharing and all health consumers own their health data and also share in the profit.

Email your info to or the form below  to be added as care provider, caregiver, doctor in the city you wanted to serve.

We help you Google…
We will be the health concierge for you and the health consumers you serve with curated health data.  This means less time using google as we will guide you and your village/health consumer to find support, health tools, resources with everyone involved in health care.

Free caregiver training

We provide free caregiver training to all online, via email and phone coaching.

Health Tools and Screens for doctors and health consumers

We provide the latest health tools and health screens for doctors to add in their services such as this one , DNA based health screen :
Email for more info. For health consumers, we have to order 25 kits at a time and use as paypal account.
For those who do not have a health insurance and wanted a whole blood test panel, we partnered with Life Extension. Email to get personalized lab tests with free health coaching.


Health Concierge for Health Consumers and by Health Consumers

You define your path to wellness and be part of the village where health concierge embraces human touch, health technology and a caring village.

We will embrace the current western medicine and complimentary/alternative medicine.

We will share our health stories and together find data insights from our health data.

We make it easy to understand the latest research in science and medicine. As health consumers we should be empowered and proactive.

There is no waiting time or waste as we learn from each other and build a knowledge base of what works in curing cancer, how to die in a safe environment, how to protect our bodies from environmental and behavioral toxins, how to have quality of life and save costs in chronic care and many areas of health care.

Earn consultant fee in introducing other investing partners to fuel this cause. Email to bring these goals faster to health consumers.

Every 2 seconds, someone’s heart is giving up from stroke or heart attack as we bombard our liver and cells with medications, stress, inflammation, toxins and other unknowns. Let us stop these toxins and other unknowns in health care. Be part of the solution in health care with health concierge for a caring village.

Connie Dello Buono