Trump Has Been Doing Putin’s Bidding/ Join the March for Truth This Saturday, June 3rd!

Nancy Huehnergarth

Chappaqua, NY

JUN 1, 2017 — Things are getting worse. Trump’s disastrous trip abroad, where he kowtowed to autocrats and insulted our NATO allies, played right into the hands of Vladimir Putin. Actually, almost everything the president does seems designed to benefit Putin. Congress, we NEED to see Trump’s tax returns!

What’s the latest news on Trump doing Russia’s bidding? He wants to return the Russian-owned estates, from which Russian spies operated, that our government confiscated in retaliation for the hacking of our elections. Huh?

Putin knows that Trump is his patsy, so he finally (and proudly?) admitted that Russia was behind the hacking and disinformation campaign designed to influence our 2016 election:

Every day, we learn something new about Trump and his team’s strange meetings, business connections or plans for backchannels with Russia. How many warning bells have to go off before Trump’s taxes are made public? I’m talking to you, Republicans!

This Saturday, June 3rd, please take action by joining the March for Truth. Marches are planned all across the nation. Click here and enter your zip code to find the march closest to you:

The March for Truth, which is demanding that “Congress should require Donald Trump to release his tax returns to clarify his business interests and obligations to any foreign entity,” understands the danger this country faces. From their website:

“The gravity of this situation is profound. The sovereignty of our nation was attacked to elect a man who is a threat to the rule of law. There are criminal investigations, and investigations into matters of national security, that must be completed to restore our faith.

The culture of deceit that surrounds Donald Trump and his associates must be dealt with urgently. If this man was elected in part by colluding with a foreign power, then we must know it. We must know if our government is legitimate. For if it is not, then we must right that wrong. We must restore trust, in our government, and in one another.”

Please join a March for Truth this weekend and demand full transparency from the Trump administration!

And if you have any great protest sign ideas for this march, please share them in the comments.