Home gym, bone broth and deodorant from wellnessmama

  1. Gorilla Gym. This is by far the best Christmas Present we have ever bought for our kids. It’s a heavy-duty doorway mounted pull-up bar with all kinds of fun attachments that kids absolutely love, including a swing, rope ladder, climbing rope, and gymnastic rings. It’s great for rainy days or when you kids need to get some energy out inside. Everyone I’ve ever recommend it to has raved about it!
  2. Bone Broth. My favorite bone broth, Kettle & Fire, is running a special until midnight tonight on their beef bone broth. You can get up to 3 free cartons, plus free shipping, so if you’re tired of making broth yourself, check them out!
  3. Natural Deodorant. I’ve been making my own deodorant for years, but I’m often asked what is a good alternative for someone who doesn’t want to make it themselves. The one I love is from Crunchy Betty’s Natural Market. It is handmade with all natural ingredients and gets rave reviews!


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