If we involve health consumers in finding solutions about their health problems, we can get inexpensive solutions and do more preventive measures to effect health and wellness. We will no longer depend on drugs, expensive tests and other unnecessary and invasive health procedures.

A third of the population has no dental insurance. How can we close this gap?

A third has depression and another third has diabetes. Aside from adding taxes to soda and sugary drinks and involving the community to rally around each other to promote music, exercise, volunteering, whole foods and avoidance of over medication, what else can we do to prevent mental health issues like depression and diabetes?

Many more seniors will need help as they live alone. How can we close this gap with no long term care insurance and the high costs of caregiving and nursing homes? Can we open our homes to college students to care part time to our seniors?

Many more are dying from over medication and infection. We have been educating the public about health and proper use of medications. What else need to be done in terms of over prescribing of narcotics for pain meds and other anti-psychotics for our seniors?

If you are asked to design a health concierge application to benefit the consumers and direct to consumers business model, what would the features be?