okra.JPGFirst, it was the era of cottage cheese. Then came granola. Then it was yogurt. Fat-free cookies. Eggs. Ridiculously high-priced “super foods”. What will be next?

In this hectic world, with limited time and a limited budget, how are you supposed to separate truth from falsehood and make the right choices for you and your loved ones?

Food shouldn’t be a source of stress. You deserve to experience joy and ease in healthy eating.

Let us interview our grandmothers and asked them what they ate and the reasons they lived till 100. They will tell you lots of fish, seaweeds, vinegar, garlic, onions, greens, slippery ones like saluyot, banana flower, green jackfruit, snails, mussels, okra, taro root, squash and other greens.

And there is a healthy seasoning from BRAGGS.


And do it yourself cleansing ways,

Add baking soda to your drinking water for good bowel elimination.

Add apple cider vinegar in your glass of water before going to bed to detox or clean your system.

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