Examining the early lives of two men who died of lung cancer

About 55% of our lifespan is affected by environment and our behavior. Two men I know died of lung cancer, one is my father and another my client – providing non medical in home care.

My father

At age 21, he started to smoke and by the time he reached the age of 40, he has tuberculosis (bacterial). He worked day and night as driver, mechanic. And worked in copper and nickel mines as security guard and mechanic. He also worked in places with asbestos and other metal dusts/toxins. 15 years before he died, he already stopped smoking. 5 to 10 years before he died, he experienced back pain.  During the last 5 years of his life, he has chronic cough at night. And at the time of his diagnosis, a blood vessel erupted in one of his eyes. Lung cancer was identified via an MRI and CAT scan. He lived his last 9 months with no meds, only 2 oxygen tanks, juice of green papaya and apples, massage and prayers. He died at 64 yrs of age at home in the Philippines, a year before that he spent 9 months in the USA.

My client

He died at 77 yrs of age, a tall and successful American who had lived in New York, Colorado and California. He started taking Acyclovir for shingles (viral) at young age and TUMS for indigestion. At one time, he was exposed to gold dust.  He loved sweet desserts. He loved challenges and worked hard and brushes off any pains he can feel. He loved art and his family, helping them succeed.

He was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, a hormonal cancer that spreads in many organs. During the last week of his life, MRI scans revealed growing nodes of small strokes (a dozen) and a rapidly progressing lung cancer. He had surgery for small intestine cancer and other surgeries including 2 lung cancer and stroke.

Connie’s notes: Avoid metal toxins. Virus and Bacteria invades our cells and our immune system must always be strong which can be weakened by stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy living, absence of whole foods and other unknowns.




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