Tuesday, June 6
Welcome to Editors’ Picks, FP’s round-up of the day’s best articles.

Today, we look at President Donald Trump making enemies in Europe, America inching closer to a proxy war in Syria, and refugees paying German men to claim paternity of their children.

BRAZIL’S GANGLAND: With the country’s politics plagued by scandal and corruption, Brazil’s gangs are fighting a deadly and brazen turf war — inside and out of the broken prison system, Chris Feliciano Arnold writes: Read more
RUSSIA SCANDAL WILDFIRE: As investigations close in on the White House, the pressure will inevitably take a toll on Trump’s diplomatic agenda, FP’s Micah Zenko writes: Read more
MIDDLE FINGER TO EUROPE: From pulling out of Paris to upbraiding London’s mayor, Trump seems happy to make enemies across the pond, FP’s Max Boot writes: Read more
RAQQA BEGINS: American warplanes bombed an Iranian-backed militia, signaling the growing risk of a proxy fight in Syria, FP’s Paul McCleary writes: Read more
GERMAN PATERNITY RACKET: Up to 700 men in Berlin are claiming to be the fathers of refugees’ babies in exchange for cash, FP’s David Francis writes: Read more
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MARSHALL PLAN AT 70: LASTING LEGACY OF COOPERATION AND FRIENDSHIP: The Marshall Plan, outlined by George C. Marshall on June 5, 1947, was not merely a post-war economic assistance program, it ushered in decades of close transatlantic cooperation and friendship. Learn more.