Stop all meds at end of life except for pain meds

I question the medication prescriptions of a doctor at one of the best hospital in the bay area for a patient who is terminally ill and was diagnosed with cancer 5 months ago. The patient was terminally ill with adenocarcinoma, where lung cancer is progressing rapidly and a dozen mini brain strokes were seen in MRI tests. The patient’s body is also trying to heal the many surgeries, small bladder carcinoma, stroke and 2 lung tumors.

The patient went home and took antibiotics, pain meds and acyclovir.  And he died that afternoon.

The kidneys and liver cannot handle the medications. In many care homes, when we stop the medications of our seniors who are terminally ill and was given few months to live, some of them lived for 2 more years with no medications.

There are cases when we need pain meds, the only meds needed by a terminally ill patient.

Families must take care of their loved ones and ask questions to the doctor. One can die at home without a hospice care but with visiting nurses, caregivers and family members.


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