Act on Climate Change with Joe Kennedy


There’s nothing quite like watching my little girl take in the world. To her, everything is brand new – a big rain storm, a bright balloon, a playful puppy.
Her wide-open future reminds me why the work we do matters. It also makes me wonder about the world we’ll leave her, the problems she will be forced to take on.
When we think about climate change, it’s easy to find our way to a really dark place, particularly after what President Trump did last week.
But the good news is that President Trump doesn’t get the last word in this fight. We do. I believe strongly that – no matter what Donald Trump does – America will be a global leader that upholds its responsibility to the world and to our people.
Our climate crisis is not just about tomorrow – it’s about today. The families losing their homes to rising sea levels and storm surges. The farms and businesses fighting back against unprecedented drought and fire. The local cities and towns facing increasingly severe weather that decimates infrastructure and community budgets.
So when Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris climate agreement, he didn’t just turn his back on the globe; he turned his back on our home. He chose empty promises over a country that knows a strong economy and strong environment go hand in hand.
I know that America is better than this. We will not become a nation of polluted lands and polluted lungs. We will fight back.


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