Demand an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia

Comey testifies before Senate
Former FBI Director James Comey just testified before the Senate — and revealed shocking facts about Trump and the Russian investigation.

This has gone on long enough.

It’s time for an independent investigation, so everyone can know the truth about Trump’s connections to Russia.

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NAME: Buono Dello
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Did you watch this?!

Former FBI Director James Comey JUST testified before the Senate — and shared SHOCKING revelations about Trump.

The facts have never been clearer.

We can’t trust a partisan committee to get to the bottom of this.

The American people deserve an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia!

This is NOT the day to stay silent.

We have to make our demands heard loud and clear.

Will you demand an independent investigation into what went on between Trump and Russia?



Author: connie dello buono

Health educator, author and enterpreneur or ; cell 408-854-1883 Helping families in the bay area by providing compassionate and live-in caregivers for homebound bay area seniors. Blogs at Developing a new site, , for early cancer detection using genetics tests, telemedicine with electronic appointment scheduling with doctors, video chat with doctors, matching care providers with health consumers and a health concierge for all to reduce chronic care cost, find cancer cure and coordinate health care using predictive medicine and participatory.

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