GOP Congressional Candidate: “I don’t believe in a liveable wage.”

Karen Handel just admitted what we all knew was true: the GOP doesn’t support a living wage. All they care about is making the rich richer — and they’re going to do that by suppressing your wages.

This isn’t just about one individual candidate. Republicans across the country are opposing, and in some instances pre-empting, wage increases!

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The GOP likes to say that deregulating corporations and rich people will lead to prosperity for all of us. But that doesn’t actually happen in the real world. Growth only comes about if we all share in the economic gains, not just the top one percent. After all, you and I actually spend money…whereas they just let it sit in an offshore bank account.

What Karen Handel said was nothing new — she just accidentally admitted what has been true all along. And in the process, she showed she has no idea how an economy actually works.

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We would say this is unbelievable, but let’s be real: it’s completely believable.

Paul Constant
Fellow, Civic Action