Trump should testify and then resign

A few hours ago, former FBI Director James Comey concluded his sworn testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. And, for the first time, under oath, he testified that President Trump insisted on his loyalty, and asked him to end his investigation into Michael Flynn.

Let me be blunt about my assessment of today’s events: the walls are closing in on President Trump. More and more each day. And if the White House’s account differs from former Director Comey’s sworn testimony, the American people deserve to hear from the president in a similar setting — under oath, under the penalty of perjury, and open to the press and the American people.

Add your name if you agree:

Sign my petition calling for President Trump to testify — in public and under oath — before the Senate Intelligence Committee if his side of the story differs from the one shared by former Director Comey earlier today.

This is extraordinarily concerning, and the American people deserve to hear directly from President Trump on this issue. But under oath, not on Twitter.

Every best wish,

Chris Murphy
U.S. Senator, Connecticut

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