20 renowned US-China investors

  • 宋安澜 | Alan Song, Managing Partner at Softbank China Venture Capital (软银中国资本);
  • 徐晨 | Ken Xu, Managing Partner at Gobi Partners (戈壁创投);
  • 叶冠泰 | Guantai Yeh, Partner at Qiming Venture Partners (启明创投);
  • 邵俊 | Jun Shao, Founding Partner of DT Capital Partners (德同资本);
  • 罗飞 | Fei Luo, Chairman, Managing Director, and General Manager at GPCP (松禾资本);
  • 卓福民 | Fumin Zhuo, Managing Partner at V Star Capital (源星资本);
  • 侯玉东 | Yudong Hou, Co-founder & Managing Director at Eastern Link Capital (易联资本);
  • 王钧 | Jun Wang, Founding and Managing Partner at Kinzon Capital (昆仲资本);
  • 章高男 | Gaonan Zhang, Partner at Meridian Capital China (华映资本);
  • 尹德纲 | Kevin Yin, Managing Director at GSR United Capital (金沙江联合资本);
  • 王颖 | Ying Wang, Managing Director at Fosun Kinzon Capital (复星昆仲资本);
  • 李立伟 | Michael Li, Managing Partner at Tsing Capital (青云创投);
  • 梁晖 | Alex Liang, Managing Partner at Oriza Venrures (元禾谷风创投);
  • 陈连勇 | Lianyong Chen, Founder and Managing Partner at Frontline BioVentures (通和资本);
  • 陈立峰 | David Chen, Chairman of HYSTA and Operating Partner at Sequoia CBC Digital Fund(红杉宽带跨境数字产业投资基金);
  • 李峻 | Jun Li, Founding Partner at Wisemont Capital;
  • 王金林 | Jinlin Wang, Founding Partner at Tsingyuan Ventures (清源创投);
  • 赵铁民 | Tiemin Zhao, Partner at IPV Capital (盈富泰克);
  • 谢忠高 | Peter Hsieh, General Partner at Acorn Pacific Ventures;
  • 黄学思 | Henry Wong, Chairman of Diamond Tech Ventures (华钻创投);


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