James Comey could be the one to lead us back to our better selves

Today, we look at British Prime Minister Theresa May’s unmet expectations, Catalonia’s call for independence, and war that’s tearing the Philippines apart.
FOLLOW COMEY’S LEAD: Former FBI Director James Comey could be the one to lead us back to our better selves after Thursday’s testimony, FP’s James Traub writes: Read more
NO HOPE FOR TRUMP?: The Trump administration has no room to breathe easy after Comey’s testimony, FP’s Max Boot writes: Read more
MAY’S MISTAKE: British Prime Minister Theresa May saw an election as a simple step on her Brexit checklist. Turns out not everyone felt the same way, FP’s Emile Simpson writes: Read more
CATALONIA FIGHTS FOR FREEDOM: With Spain in denial, Catalonia is set to hold its own independence referendum this fall, FP’s Emily Tamkin writes: Read more
CRISIS IN THE PHILIPPINES : Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t hold back in the country’s war on terror, no matter how many civilian lives are sacrificed along the way, FP’s Jesse Chase-Lubitz writes: Read more
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GERMAN FOREIGN MINISTER GABRIEL: RENEW TRANSATLANTIC BOND: “I think it would be smart to remember how Marshall helped to shape the world order that was so beneficial to the US and Europe over the last seven decades,” Foreign Minister Gabriel said in looking at the legacy of the Marshall Plan 70 years on. Learn more.

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