In the comfort of their homes, seniors hire non-medical in home caregiver to be with them 24 hrs since their families need relief from caregiving.  Most of the time, the family members can no longer take care of their love ones 24 hrs a day and seven days a week.

A 91 yr old female patient who suffered from stroke cannot move half of her body and the caregiver has to lift her to be able to move her to the wheelchair or to help with changing diapers.

The caregiver also performs light housekeeping, cooking and assisting the client with daily living from grooming, feeding, medication management, transferring, and other tasks.

The hardest part is when the client is awake at night.

Caregivers bring comfort to the client and families. When a senior is home alone, some salesmen can take advantage of a senior or a fall can happen when they are alone. For companion with no heavy lifting and the patient is ambulatory, caregiving service can be lower than $250 per 24 hrs.

In early stage Alzheimer’s disease, the patient is mobile and maybe distructive so that a personal caregiver is needed. In group setting, one on one care is not possible.  In care homes of 6 clients and 2 caregivers, family members are welcome to help in caring for their seniors once a week of 30 minutes a day.  Motherhealth provide free referrals to bay area care homes, 6 clients with 2 caregivers in a home setting.

Most of Motherhealth caregivers provide massage and trained to avoid emergencies. They believe that caring for seniors like family is part of their job.

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