Join community-designed Health Clubs per city per health freebies

Join Health Club per city per health freebies

– Garden for whole foods share
– Cooking for dish to share
– Dancing for other health freebies

– Tai Chi in the park and community per city and age group
– Walk in the park parties per city and age group
– Gathering of techies to promote sustainability and health promotion
– Eating at local food places for community support and gathering socials
– Play music to socialize with seniors, young and health challenged
– Play with children to promote social connections in the community
– Collecting and preparing meals for the poor (seniors and children) from food scraps from farmers in the community
– Block garage sales to promote sharing and social interactions in the community
– Community organized art lessons among artists and students to promote art in the community
-Volunteer your homes for young and seniors in promoting social interactions and health promotion
– Volunteer your home to invite neighbors after dinner for drinks and sharing

– Volunteer in senior centers and senior homes

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