Heart attack triggers

The following can trigger a heart attack:

  1. Heavy meal

  2. Lack of sleep

  3. Unknowns (sedentary, bed-ridden, drug over dose, constricting muscles from pain killers like morphine, lack of oxygen supply, liver shuts down from drugs or cancer cells, drug interactions)

  4. Sex

  5. Negative or positive emotions ,

    prolonged anxiety

  6. Air pollution and car exhaust

  7. Alcohol (potentiates medications or drugs, people who are slow metabolizers)

  8. Sudden or intense exhaustion

  9. Cold or hot weather (heat stroke for seniors)

  10. Migraine head aches

  11. Getting up in the morning

  12. Asthma

  13. Disasters, nature or man-made

  14. Coffee

  15. Spectator sports

  16. Email other unknowns at motherhealth@gmail.com

Caregiver notes: Check flow of air out of the nose and chest movement. Check if client is still making regular noise when sleeping.  Ensure oxygen lines are clear with no kinks. In one last long breath, the person with no oxygen and weak cells from over medication and progressing cancer cells can have a heart attack at the time that they just started their usual long sleep. One body is weak than the other one, one droopy eyes and limpy arms and legs with pinpoint eye pupil. When you try to wake the person up or even ask a question and she/he cannot answer, call 911 since you do not have the AED machine and other means to resuscitate the patient. Apply CPR on chest (with person lying flat on the floor) while waiting for the paramedics.

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