Today, we look at why more Tibetans are setting themselves on fire, why the Trump administration is staying quiet on Russia flouting sanctions on North Korea, and China’s new relationship with Panama.
IS TRUMP THE MAD KING?: When people start asking questions about a king’s mental stability, the story usually doesn’t end well for the monarch, Richard Evans writes: Read more
FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE: Tibetans are setting themselves on fire in record numbers to protest Beijing’s heavy hand. But the brutal cycle of violence is only increasing, Kevin Carrico writes: Read more
HOLDING ITS TONGUE: The Trump administration is concerned that Russia is doing more business with North Korea, but it hasn’t said anything publicly yet, FP’s Dan De Luce and Elias Groll report: Read more
ANXIOUS FOR AFRICA: France presses for a swift vote on a U.N. resolution endorsing an African force, betting Washington will back down, FP’s Colum Lynch reports: Read more
CHINA’S REACH: China covets the Panama Canal, but the move is more about squeezing Taiwan, FP’s Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian writes: Read more