Connie, Senator Elizabeth Warren has a blunt message for Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

Jeff Sessions 'needs to be fired. He needs to be taken out of that job.' - Sen. Elizabeth WarrenJeff Sessions is a flat-out LIAR. He lied repeatedly about the meetings he had with the Russian ambassador over the course of the 2016 election.

Lying under oath is a problem. Refusing to answer questions and impeding a Congressional investigation IS A PROBLEM. It’s time Jeff Sessions is FIRED.

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FIRE Jeff Sessions →

Make no mistake, Sessions’s lies about Russia aren’t the only reason he deserves to be fired.

In 1986, Sessions was considered TOO RACIST to become a federal judge. Anyone with this stain on their record should not even be considered for Attorney General.

Sessions also has a DESPICABLE track record of supporting voter suppression efforts during his tenure as an Alabama prosecutor.

Instead of protecting ALL Americans from discrimination and injustice, it’s clear that Sessions is determined to protect only one person: DONALD TRUMP.

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FIRE Jeff Sessions →

The time to stand for justice is NOW,

– The Progressive Turnout Project