There are many steps to take action towards your health goals from yoga, laughter, prayer, whole foods, sleep, exercise, massage, gym and health coaches, dancing, stretching, de-stressing , detoxing, volunteering,expanding skills and social network, knowing your health care solutions and supplementation with nutritionist, herbalist and holistic health care pros.

  • Get a health care partner
  • Screens from DNA tests, gut microbiome, whole blood and other tests
  • Monitor health manually or automated with fitness trackers
  • Take action to improve your health

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Email of ways you take action toward your health.  You may donate to this new site development to promote wellness in the community , one city at a time.  We will help curate health topics and new scientific research as they come to benefit the public in more practical ways. Your stories are also important but most of all your journey to healing , be it fighting your health care system or trying to be proactive in your health.

Share this site and like important topics so that we can effect wellness one person at a time.

Health is free for those who seek it.

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A 50 yr old man from the bay area started drinking fresh squeeze juice of veggies and fruits every morning and lost weight in 2 months.

A 55 yr old female started avoiding pork and fatty meats and ate more veggies while some of her siblings and relatives died of heart attacks and other diseases.

A family started paying attention to use of clean water, clean air and whole foods from the young to the old.