Oscar Clinic in Brooklyn, N.Y.Cleveland Clinic jumps into insurance biz with Oscar Health

Despite the instability of the market, Cleveland Clinic and Oscar are betting that a narrow network plan focused on keeping patients out of the hospital with help from care coordinators will keep their product afloat.  READ MORE

Are GOP’s proposed Medicaid cuts paltry? Not if you have to look a patient in the eye

A prominent conservative health policy expert downplayed the financial impact of the Republican proposal to cap Medicaid spending. That may be a sign that supporters of the GOP’s repeal-and-replace drive are nervous about the growing political backlash to cutting Medicaid.  READ MORE

Increasing transparency on generic drug cost data could save $4 billion

Making actual generic drug acquisition costs available to third-party payers would empower health plans to negotiate lower rates and essentially level the playing field in a pharmaceutical supply chain that’s shrouded in secrecy, according to a new paper.  READ MORE

Iowa accused of cutting Medicaid funds for disabled beneficiaries

Six Iowa Medicaid beneficiaries with serious disabilities allege the state’s contracted managed-care organizations have cut their monthly cost allowances for home- and community-based care, even though there has been no change in their care needs. Approximately 15,000 Iowa Medicaid beneficiaries…  READ MORE

NYU Langone takes on the state’s largest healthcare union

The hospital claims that 1199 SEIU and the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes of New York have forced it to make about $25 million in additional payments to a fund.  READ MORE

$12 billion HHS budget cut will lead to better care, Price says

HHS Secretary Tom Price told senators during a hearing Thursday that major cuts to Medicaid and repealing the Affordable Care Act would result in better care for individuals, though he was light on details.  READ MORE

House passes bill to allow AHCA subsidies to pay for COBRA plans

House Republicans took another step in their quest to repeal and replace Obamacare, passing a bill that would allow American Health Care Act tax credits to go toward COBRA plans.  READ MORE

VA warns of surprise budget gap, insists no delays in care

The Department of Veterans Affairs warned Wednesday it was unexpectedly running out of money for a program that offers veterans private-sector healthcare, forcing it to hold back on some services that lawmakers worry could cause delays in medical treatment.  READ MORE

Democrats introduce bill to bring back reinsurance in individual market

Four Democratic senators have introduced a bill that would make reinsurance a permanent part of the Affordable Care Act’s individual exchanges.  READ MORE