Yes you can reduce your risk of getting an Alzheimer’s , stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Here is how:

  • Staying away from toxins such as sugar, metal dusts, air pollution, preservatives, Equal sugar, TUMS, medications (over medicating, OTC, narcotics,other neuro medications affecting the brain and nervous system and NSAIDs), alcohol,caffeine (more than 2 cups a day),tobacco, molds, fungus, gum disease,metabolic disease (virus,bacteria,gut microbiome),unnecessary surgeries, household cleaning solutions and other interventions.
  • Getting good quality sleep
  • Staying away from chronic inflammation such as stress and poor nervous system health which affects the immune system
  • Consume whole foods and not processed or canned foods. Eat bone marrow broth with lots of root veggies (taro, carrots,sweet potatoes,cassava,plantain,onions,garlic) and all herbs (oregano,rosemary,lemon grass,sage,thyme)
  • Drink clean water and make your own home made lemon juices (using fruit sugar like plums,apples).
  • Have a happy spirit to keep your nervous system strong which affect your immune system
  • Exercise since exercise and learning new movements like Tai Chi and dancing helps create more neurons and gives you stronger muscles.
  • Make your house senior safe to avoid falls and excessive heat or cold.
  • Socialize, volunteer and surround yourself with people and creative endeavors.

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