If I bought Whole Foods Store, what will I do with it?

WFS.JPGMy daughter responded to her teacher , who said that most of the products at Whole Foods Store are expensive that only the rich can afford, by saying  that my mother goes there every week and she is not rich.

I wish I bought Whole Foods where I go often to sample some whole body products which makes me feel like I have been to a spa. I love to eat there because of the variety and healthy meals.

After 9pm, I can buy the freshly baked breads in the San Jose store for $2 less. I love the dining area where it is equipped with a microwave, utensils and all the condiments you need. I also stay in the dining area to work with my computer since they have WIFI, comfortable chairs and electrical outlets.

I love the green juices freshly squeezed to any ingredients I want added. I have many meeting there.

Once I bought Whole Food store, I can add my health concierge and health coaching on site and online. I can have a cooking area that is affordable and for singles socializing. Aside from the bar, I will add children’s cooking lessons and area to mingle after school with art lessons.

I wish to add more, but I do not want Amazon to copy all my ideas but they can hire me.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com on your suggestions if you own Whole Foods Store or a similar store. If there is an investor reading this email, we can create our own store with a cross from Trader Joes, Costco and Whole Foods Store.


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