Connie b. Dellobuono
Connie b. Dellobuono, Trainer : wellness, parenting and blogger

Looking at his eyes, he cannot stare at you for a longer time, hiding some agenda or facts from you. And he talks about himself at first meeting, thinking to impress you with his thoughts and accomplishments.
If he describes himself as calm or other traits , it is the opposite.
If he finds fault in you when you just express your thoughts or opinion without judgment or the intent to bring harm to another.
If he walks ahead of you and talks first before listening to your reactions and thoughts, he is not generous.
If he sue another for less than $50, he favors bringing judgment to another without other considerations.

If he expect something in return always, counting pennies and not generous at heart.

If he did not treat the waiters well, it shows how he will treat others of lesser roles.

If he eats fast without chewing much, he is after speed and not enjoying the moment.

If he cannot laugh at small things, we is uptight.

If he cannot drive his car without others using their seat belts, he has OCD.