Daily lies of the so called President

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6/5/2017 9:11 AM PDT
There is a man who, because of his vain ego, believes in fake news, fabricated events, and outlandish conspiracies with no evidence to support them, has gone into a rage when others disagreed with that belief, and used what power he had to harm and silence them. This man is now the inexperienced leader of a world power, untrained commander of the world’s largest military, and amateur controller of thousands of nuclear weapons. His words are falsehoods, his actions are erratic, his opinions are contradictory, and his decisions are illogical. He obtains his information and policy ideas from discredited partisan fake news and conspiracy propagators instead of the professional experts in our own civil service, intelligence community, and military. He shows no compassion and empathy for the downtrodden. He blocks scientific knowledge and investigation but rewards ignorance, bigotry, and hatred. He insults and scorns our allies but praises our enemies. He demeans democracy but lauds dictators. He has asked for and received illegal aid from a hostile foreign country in order to gain leadership of our government. He has appointed white supremacists and conspiracy fanatics to high government office; placed unethical businessmen, oil tycoons, and bankers in key positions to run our economy and foreign policy; and gave the operation of crucial government agencies to unqualified, ill-prepared sycophants and ideologues. He ignores humanitarian aid, advocates war crimes, and overlooks atrocities. He shows intolerance towards world religions and suggested crusades against them. He has mocked the disabled and bragged about sexually assaulting women. He has abused his power to leer at naked children, disregarded morality, and shunned ethics. His status in the world is one ridiculed and disparaged, and he generates fear, animosity, and contempt towards our country. Other world leaders do not trust him, nor do they respect him. This man is now our President. SAD!

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