A grant is available to fund innovative services and products that will help enhance the quality, effectiveness of nutrition services programs or outcomes within the aging services network.

  • Innovation can include service products that appeal to caregivers (such as web-based ordering systems and carryout food products)
  • Increased involvement of volunteers (such as retired chefs)
  • Consideration of eating habits and choice (such as variable meal times, salad bars, or more fresh fruits and vegetables)
  • New service models (testing variations and hybrid strategies) and
  • Other innovations to better serve a generation of consumers whose needs and preferences are different

Seniors eat nutritious meals with less salt and not processed and with more health fats and proteins. In small servings, they have to chew these soft foods and allow for incorporation of finger foods and nutritious diet based on their health needs (liquid, good fats and proteins and more water content).

Email Connie to collaborate on this project to get funded, email motherhealth@gmail.com for any ideas and collaboration.