Health Care self serving predatory practices

Thanks to the internet we can research and find our information and so we can ask our doctor more questions who only have 15 minutes to meet us. But not every one uses the computer or the latest gadget in health care.

How much do you pay for prescription meds, for example? What about health insurance and doctor’s bills?

Even my health insurance provider is canceling my insurance when they pull out of Texas next month… so I’d better not get sick! said Dr William Davis.

  • Why we recommend you don’t eat anything advertised on TV
    Processed foods are laden with trans fat that is the root of many metabolic disorders that can turn into cancer later on.
  • Why it is not recommended to go to a learning hospital institution?
    Because they order too many MRI or C-scans. No, it is because their primary goal is to do more monitoring, invasive most of the times to gather more health data and allow other student doctors to learn from the health care system.
  • Why you do not need a hospice care at home?
    When there is no need for help in showering or lifting and there are family members and caregivers to care for you, you can die at home when you are terminally ill as defined by your doctor without the need to get hospice care. The hospice care can give the sublingual morphine which hastens death in less than a week.
  • Why you do not need all the medications except for pain pills during the last month or year of your life?
    To help the body ease into expiration and not bombard the liver with more drugs that can hasten death. During our last days, we sleep more, eat less and only have to deal with pain if it is present.
  • How Big Pharma gets away with selling fish oil for $60 a pill
    Some of us are so busy and have lots of money that we can spend $25,000 for a personalized health screen.
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Email any health tips and health care solutions that you have that will help others navigate the health care system, save money and save lives.

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