MACRA proposal would ease EHR burden for docs, but not hospitals

Hospitals are on the hook for implementing certified EHRs before the end of the year—and they’re dependent on EHR vendors to get them the technology before then.  READ MORE

Telehealth market poised for growth, but use remains low

The vast majority of U.S. patients are open to using telehealth solutions, but only a fraction have received care virtually, suggesting that the healthcare industry has yet to meet consumer interest in virtual care, according to a new survey.  READ MORE

CMS gives more small practices a pass on MACRA

The CMS wants to exempt more small providers from having to comply with MACRA. Experts say that doesn’t mean the agency is moving away from value-based payment models.  READ MORE

Using nutrition counseling to help prep surgery patients for better outcomes

Duke University Hospital is part of a growing movement across U.S. hospitals to tackle malnutrition for surgical patients.  READ MORE

Teladoc to acquire medical consulting company Best Doctors

The deal comes months after Teladoc reported full-year losses for 2016.  READ MORE

Physicians prepare for Medicare ID changes without clear CMS guidance

Medical practices around the country are uncertain on how they should prepare for the removal of Social Security numbers from Medicare ID cards, as the CMS fails to provide clear guidance for the upcoming changes. The change could affect their billing privileges and patients’ access to care.  READ MORE

Investors sharpen focus on buying eye clinics

The fragmented ophthalmology and eye-care medical practice sector has become a new target for private equity investors.  READ MORE

FDA chief deflects questions on fighting opioid epidemic if ACA is repealed

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said on Tuesday he hasn’t talked to the GOP senators working on an ACA replacement about what will happen if millions of Americans lose access to treatment.  READ MORE

Democrats warn: Obamacare repeal will hurt rural hospitals

Constraining the growth of Medicaid spending and reducing federal support for expanded coverage will disproportionately hurt rural communities, a new report says.  READ MORE