Connie — Trump is COLLAPSING.

Since taking office he has:

  • Tried to REPEAL health insurance for 24 MILLION people,
  • FIRED the FBI Director James Comey for investigating his ties to Russia,
  • And wasted MILLIONS of our tax money golfing at Mar a Lago every weekend.

PLUS — he’s been in VIOLATION of the Constitution since he took office! He still has ties to his businesses!

So we’re conducting a poll on 6/21/2017, and we need your response urgently:

Should Trump be impeached?
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Donald Trump never should’ve even become our President.

His campaign colluded with Russia to influence the election — and he lost the popular vote by almost THREE MILLION VOTES!!

He’s been a nightmare as President and should not be allowed to finish his term.

Tell us if you agree that Donald Trump should be IMPEACHED:

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National Democratic Training Committee