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A valedictorian went rogue in his final speech. His school tried to shut him down.
He was 18, a model student, class president for all four years of high school. And at the last possible minute, he was going to tell them all what he really thought.
By Avi Selk  •  Read more »
Republican Karen Handel defeats Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District
Handel’s win will bring fresh attention to a beleaguered Democratic Party that has suffered a string of defeats in special elections this year despite an angry and engaged base of voters who dislike Trump.
By Robert Costa  •  Read more »
Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions
The president’s budget proposal calls for reducing funding to programs that shelter the poor, but it would leave intact a type of federal subsidy that is paid directly to landlords.
By Shawn Boburg  •  Read more »
The Daily 202: Democrats despondent, Trump emboldened after GOP victory in Georgia special election
Nancy Pelosi was a real drag on Jon Ossoff and other takeaways from last night’s results in Atlanta.
By James Hohmann  •  Read more »
Stephen Hawking calls for a return to the moon as Earth’s clock runs out
The astrophysicist thinks we should prepare for a cosmic exodus in the next 200 to 500 years.
By Ben Guarino  •  Read more »
Video shows woman demanding ‘white doctor’ for her son in waiting-room rant
“Can I see a doctor please that’s white, that doesn’t have brown teeth, that speaks English?” the woman said at a clinic in Ontario.
By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.  •  Read more »
Video footage shows Minn. traffic stop that ended with Philando Castile’s death
New video showed how quickly the deadly encounter unfolded.
By Mark Berman  •  Read more »
The Health 202: McConnell places all his chips on health care gambit
But success is by no means assured.
By Paige Winfield Cunningham  •  Read more »
Gunman at Virginia ballfield kept local storage locker with 200 rounds of ammunition
Shooter’s life was falling apart as agency reveals some new details in investigation of ballfield shooting that left House Majority Whip injured, along with four others.
By Ann E. Marimow  •  Read more »
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Winners and losers from the Georgia special election
Sorting out the big night in the Atlanta suburbs.
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Jared Kushner finally spoke. The Internet can’t stop mocking his voice.
Analysis | Here’s what it would take to flip the House to the Democrats
Analysis | Sean Spicer’s off-camera, no-audio press briefing, annotated
Analysis | The simple reason intelligence officials keep talking about Russian hacking? Trump.
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Don’t get demoralized by the big Georgia loss, Democrats
Don’t overreact. Keep working. Democrats may still be on track to making big gains next year.
By Greg Sargent  •  Read more »
In Georgia’s 6th District, is Handel’s victory of great consequence — or none at all?
Can words kill people?
The GOP’s hard, messy options for destroying Trumpism
Trump’s silent surge in the Middle East — and the slippery slope to war
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Sports •  Analysis
Top 50 prospects in the 2017 NBA draft, ranked
No surprise that Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball are 1A and 1B. But what about Lauri Markannen? Malik Monk? Even Frank Mason?
By Matthew Giles  •  Read more »
Ex-NFL player Ryan O’Callaghan nearly killed himself instead of coming out as gay
Everything we know about the Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft roster
NBA offseason rumor mill: Cavs’ pursuit of Jimmy Butler, Paul George looks bleak
Markelle Fultz: Inside the psyche of perhaps the 2017 NBA draft’s brightest star
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Gun owners are outraged by the Philando Castile case. The NRA is silent.
While the NRA was silent, verdict — and the release of a police video — drew outrage and fear among black gun owners.
By Avi Selk  •  Read more »
How rap revolutionary Prodigy, dead at 42, overcame the pain of sickle cell anemia
Australian scientists went looking for deep sea creatures and pulled up your nightmares instead
This union ironworker wants Paul Ryan’s job. He’s got a great ad but a losing record.
Michael Brown’s parents settle wrongful death lawsuit against Ferguson
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Gung-ho culture at tour agency Warmbier used on N.Korea trip
NATO jet approached plane carrying Russian defense minister, reports say
Analysis | Trump calls Ukraine the thing Ukrainians hate the most
Behind a bookcase, a secret passageway leads to a trove of Nazi artifacts in Argentina
State Department issues unusual public warning to Saudi Arabia and UAE over Qatar rift
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In this part of the Midwest, the problem isn’t China. It’s too many jobs.
The driver who died in a Tesla crash using Autopilot ignored at least 7 safety warnings
Analysis | Five telling things the Whole Foods CEO said about the Amazon deal in an employee town hall
A reactor in Idaho could change the future of nuclear energy — if it survives Trump’s budget
Analysis | The next iPhone could have a lot in common with Google Glass
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The driver who died in a Tesla crash using Autopilot ignored at least 7 safety warnings
Analysis | The next iPhone could have a lot in common with Google Glass
A Republican contractor’s database of nearly every voter was left exposed on the Internet for 12 days, researcher says
What you need to know about Trump’s meeting with tech CEOs
Analysis | Nintendo Switch’s update improves storage and finds your lost controllers
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Perspective | Draw a hard line now with old friend’s overzealous spouse

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