What are the proposed customer value of Motherhealth’s health concierge?

  • Health consumers can find the care provider in Uber like fashion by city and can directly set up electronic appointment and choose the provider be it a doctor, a health care agency, caregiver or hospital.
  • Doctors can be added per city and get a link of his/her calendar for electronic appointment scheduling.
  • Doctors can order health screens such as DNA, whole blood and gut microbiome tests.
  • Doctors can assign a health concierge or other care providers (nutritionist, acupuncturists, physical therapists, other care teams) from the same site.
  • Health consumers can find health curated information and notes from doctors about additional doctor teaching aids by cut and paste at doctor’s email (email icon in the site).
  • Health consumers can find rental hospital bed, non medical transport, Uber like transport with health concierge and care, and more.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com of what you need in a mobile health concierge per city.

motherhealth health concierge screen 1


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