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Crushing This Popular Vegetable Sets Off One of the Most Potent Antioxidants

Greek and Roman athletes used it to supply strength and courage before sporting events. Egyptian pharaohs relied on it for spiritual benefits, and now you can enjoy the benefits too – especially with this simple technique.

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how organic is your organic milk
This So-Called Healthy Food Could Raise Your Parkinson’s Risk by Over One-Third

Just another reason to replace this seemingly healthy food with one that’s often demonized. Worse, they’re not telling you the whole truth about it, even though it’s supposedly organic. This major brand is slipping in what they call a brain-healthy oil, but in fact, it’s one that’s been brewed in a factory with GMO corn syrup-fed algae.

factory farms consuming us
Factory Farms Consuming the US

While US food security once depended on the success of small family farms growing diverse, nutrient-rich crops, this system has been largely replaced with a standardized, industrialized agricultural process that churns out cheap, nutrient-deficient food that’s destroying the environment and contributing to chronic disease.

sanderson merck caught deceiving consumers
Sanderson and Merck Caught Deceiving Consumers

Poultry giant Sanderson Farms continues its crusade to keep antibiotics in their chicken while Merck was caught covering up the damaging effects of their sea lice pesticide. In the quest for healthier and more humanely raised food, it’s more important than ever to seek out trusted sources.

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Blood Pressure Support
Know Your Numbers

Grape Seed Extract, the prime ingredient in Blood Pressure Support, has been the topic of much research over the past couple of decades. This ingredient has been clinically proven to help support healthy blood pressure and nitric oxide levels already in the normal range.

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