Ingredients for home made skin care

Your DIY skin care can include any of the following ingredients:

Chaparral (Larrea, Creosote) / wildcrafted
Wild Desert Sage / wildcrafted
Juniper Berries / wildcrafted

Dandelion / organic
Alfalfa / organic
Yucca / wildcrafted
Red Sand / wildcrafted
Aloe Vera / organic
Rice Powder / non GMO / kosher
Glycerin / vegetable based
Olive Oil / organic virgin
Coconut Oil / organic cold pressed extra virgin
Beeswax / locally sourced / organic
Calendula / co2 extraction
Potato / fresh / organic
Cucumber / fresh / organic
Grapefruit / fresh / organic
Potato Powder / organic
Citric Acid / citrus fruit / non-GMO
Bicarbonate of Soda
Pearl Powder
Mineral Salt
Lime / fresh / organic
Apple Pectin / organic apples
Distilled Limes / organic
Apple Cider Vinegar / organic / with the mother
Lecithin / vegetable based
Xanthan Gum / fermented corn sugar
Wasabi Lactobacillus / Wasabia Japonica Root Ferment Extract
Vitamin B / niacin
Raw Honey / wildcrafted / locally sourced
Sugar / organic
Wild Desert Clay / bentonite clay
Milk / organic
Menthol Crystals / cold extraction
Vitamin E Tocopherols / kosher
Glyceryl Stearate / vegetable source
Cetearyl Alcohol / vegetable source
Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate / vegetable source
CoQ10 / ubiquinone
Marine Algae / algae extract
Acetyl Hexapeptide / fruit derived peptide
Rice Bran Protein / hydrolyzed, kosher
Glycine Soja / soybean protein
Oxido Reductases / enzymes
Pullulan / corn ferment
Tripeptide-29 / 3 chain amino acid
Avocado Oil / cold pressed
Walnut Oil / expeller pressed
Hazelnut Oil / expeller pressed
Macadamia Nut / expeller pressed
Kukui Nut Oil / expeller pressed
Wheat Germ Oil / cold pressed
Jojoba Oil / expeller pressed
Sweet Almond Oil / cold pressed
Sesame Oil / expeller pressed
Castor Oil / expeller pressed
Aloe Vera Oil / cold expressed
Neem Oil / cold pressed
Rose Hip Oil / expeller pressed
Apricot Oil / expeller pressed
Primrose Oil / cold pressed
Tamanu Oil / cold pressed
Argan Oil / cold pressed
Cocoa Butter / expeller pressed
Shea Butter / expeller pressed
Mango Butter / cold pressed
Jojoba Butter / expeller pressed
Avocado Butter / expeller pressed

Email of your skin care formula to share. Add whole foods, adequate sleep, exercise, sunblock and organic skin care/makeup ingredients as important factors in getting a younger looking skin.

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