I love to go to the gym but some of us are feeling intimidated when they are in the gym. Our motivation to succeed in achieving the health that we desire should guide us every day to go to the gym or to exercise at home or in the park.  I meet more people in the gym and the gym coach, all of us help in motivating each other. Email motherhealth@gmail.com of your experience in exercising in the gym.

Grumpbits wrote:

I can sympathize. When I first started out I felt awkward and intimidated at the gym, even though I think I’m a pretty confident person overall.
– Try to get at least one session with a trainer so they can demonstrate equipment (and or exercises). Some gyms offers a free tour mini demo if you are short on funds.
– For things that don’t require big equipment use reputable online sources and video demos (like ace fitness, exrx etc). I don’t recommend following anyone’s YouTube videos unless they are certified trainers. Lots of young amateurs out there with shitty technique that can set you up for injury
– If you don’t like big noisy gyms, see if you can nab a membership from a small studio or personal training gym. Sometimes they offer memberships at a reduced price even if you are not a client in order to make ends meet.
– Remember that most people are into their own workout and aren’t really paying attention to yours. No one is really looking at you. There are a few busybody assholes out there but they are few and far between. Ignore or politely refrain (in my experience these people don’t really have good technique)
– On the other hand if you see someone who is executing an exercise well and you’d like help, don’t be afraid to ask. If they are not in a rush most people are friendly and glad to help out.

That’s all I’ve got.
Ps -When I was younger I worked out mostly for aesthetic reasons. I quit many times. Now that my motivation has changed (get stronger, address back and hip issues) I am finally sticking with it (yes, it’s nice to have nice looking arms but even nicer to be able to lug heavy things or hike uphill with ease).