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The Health 202: Here’s what’s in the Senate health-care bill
Some moderates may like it.
By Paige Winfield Cunningham  •  Read more »
What the police officer who shot Philando Castile said about the shooting
The officer described how the traffic stop escalated to gunfire in a matter of seconds.
By Mark Berman  •  Read more »
Senate GOP leaders unveil health-care bill
Republican leaders have released the bill publicly ahead of a likely vote next week.
By Sean Sullivan  •  Read more »
Senate Republicans set to release health-care bill, but divisions remain
The proposal is an attempt to strike a compromise between existing law and a bill passed by the House in May.
By Paige Winfield Cunningham  •  Read more »
Whipped cream dispenser explodes, killing French Instagram fitness model
A pressurized canister accident left Rebecca Burger in cardiac arrest, resulting in her death.
By Amber Ferguson  •  Read more »
The Fix •  Analysis
Gingrich just admitted Trump was being dishonest about White House tapes — because nothing matters
In a new interview, Gingrich suggests Trump was bluffing about the tapes. That’s a pretty striking brand of political nihilism.
By Aaron Blake  •  Read more »
What the Senate bill changes about Obamacare
The bill strips away many of the protections provided by the ACA, but doesn’t go as far as the House bill.
By Kim Soffen  •  Read more »
John Oliver, a giant squirrel and a defamation lawsuit by a coal industry titan
The HBO host railed against Murray Energy and its chief executive in a segment on the coal industry.
By Derek Hawkins  •  Read more »
Why Trump will never get anything done
Trumpism is, at core, at war with itself.
By Ronald A. Klain  •  Read more »
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Trump: Russian interference is ‘all a big Dem HOAX!’
In a tweet, Trump accused former president Barack Obama and his administration of not doing enough last year to “stop” Russian interference.
By Philip Rucker  •  Read more »
Analysis | Who is Saudi Arabia’s new crown prince?
Which GOP senators have concerns with the health-care bill
Supreme Court rules that men convicted in D.C.’s Catherine Fuller murder case do not deserve a new trial
With a raucous rally in Cedar Rapids, Trump transports himself back to 2016
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Here comes the Senate GOP’s health bill. It’s a cruel and cynical shell game.
It’s all about cutting health spending on poor people, and cutting taxes on rich people.
By Greg Sargent  •  Read more »
Billionaires want to enlist you in their secret plans to take down the press
For me and my son, Medicaid cuts don’t mean hard choices. They mean life or death.
The good, the bad and the ugly aspects of Thucydides in the Trump administration
Do we really want the Supreme Court to decide how partisan is too partisan?
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Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft picks spark flurry of trade rumors
The unveiling of the NHL’s expansion draft results just triggered a whole new set of trade rumors ahead of Friday’sentry draft.
By Mike Hume  •  Read more »
Injured giant squid knocks paddle boarder in water during dramatic encounter in South Africa
NHL expansion draft winners and losers
Analysis | What does Derek Carr’s new contract mean for Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousins?
For Lonzo Ball, talent isn’t an issue heading into the NBA draft. Daddy issues are.
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George Clooney’s quest for the ‘perfect’ tequila just produced a billion dollar sale
It started as a quest to create the “perfect” tequila. Now, six years later, it has made the actor even richer.
By Katie Mettler  •  Read more »
Stephen Hawking, Kris Jenner and other famous people with plans to send humans to Mars
Their daughter died of a ‘brain-eating amoeba.’ A year later, they are suing for $1 million.
Gun owners are outraged by the Philando Castile case. The NRA is silent.
The Latest: West Virginia bracing for remnants of Cindy
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Navy sailors made tough call to seal flooding ship compartments, unclear if survivors were inside
U.S. on collision course with Syria and Iran once de facto Islamic State capital falls
Video shows woman demanding ‘white doctor’ for her son in waiting-room rant
North Korea says Trump is a ‘psychopath’ who may launch a preemptive strike
ISIS blows up historic mosque in Mosul, Iraqi military says
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Analysis | Trump’s victory changed the way Americans see reality
Travis Kalanick may have resigned as Uber’s CEO — but he isn’t going away
Why Travis Kalanick didn’t survive at Uber
Perspective | The simple reason the Senate has been keeping its health-care plan a secret
Analysis | Officer who shot Philando Castile said smell of marijuana made him fear for his life
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Remember Pokémon Go? This is how it’s trying to lure you back.
The driver who died in a Tesla crash using Autopilot ignored at least 7 safety warnings
Analysis | The next iPhone could have a lot in common with Google Glass
The Latest: Former Homeland boss outlines Russia threat
A Republican contractor’s database of nearly every voter was left exposed on the Internet for 12 days, researcher says
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Perspective | Carolyn Hax: If you can’t stand the heat, check your thermostat
The valedictorian kicked off stage for an unapproved speech got to finish it — on Jimmy Kimmel