You as health consumer must be empowered to know the latest in health screens from EXOME/whole DNA test, gut microbiome test and whole blood panel tests. Together with your doctor, results of these health screens can help clear your path towards keeping your mind and body strong and healthy.

Motherhealth will soon launch an integrated health screens with health coaching where results are emailed to you, your doctor, genetic counselor and other health care team members you identify. The cost is $2500 vs the competitor which cost more than $25000.

The service includes health screen tests (DNA/EXOME, gut microbiome, whole blood)  , nutrition consult and health coaching to guide and motivate you in your journey toward achieving the balance in health, mind and body.

You can also start a journal of notes and symptoms that you feel and experience. Together with your doctor, you can have a clue of what will happen if these health symptoms are not attended. Care for your body now before it is too late.

Many cancer patients have chronic indigestion, migraine, cough, pain and other symptoms that started 5 or 10 years ago.

Nursing care is becoming more expensive in the absence of a long term care insurance.

If your family is not around to help care for you, you need a caregiver 4hrs or 24hrs to care for you during chronic health care crisis.

Search this site for symptoms and health care tips.

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