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Senate ACA repeal bill strikes a tough blow to public health funding

Senate Republicans’ bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act deals a heavy blow to public health efforts by eliminating key funding created by the landmark healthcare reform bill.  READ MORE

President Donald TrumpAHRQ’s potential move to the NIH could strengthen its work

The Trump administration’s 2018 budget proposed to merge the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality with the National Institutes of Health. Experts say the move could benefit AHRQ if the consolidation is done right. READ MORE

Trump’s budget will cover initial costs of VA’s EHR overhaul

The VA doesn’t yet know how much replacing its current electronic health record with a commercial product will cost, but President Donald Trump’s proposed budget should fit the bill, at least for now, according to VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin.  READ MORE

Mylan shareholders re-elect board, reject executive compensation proposals

Shareholders of the embattled drugmaker Mylan voted to re-elect its board members at a meeting Thursday morning, despite pressure to oust select executives amid widespread backlash for the skyrocketing price of EpiPens.  READ MORE

Prosecutors seek 35-year term in deadly meningitis outbreak

Prosecutors say the co-founder of a Massachusetts pharmacy linked to a deadly nationwide meningitis outbreak should be sent to prison for 35 years for showing “an unconscionable disregard for the lives of the patients.”  READ MORE

Providers mobilize to oppose Senate ACA repeal bill

The Senate’s proposed bill to replace Obamacare was immediately met with widespread dissent from healthcare providers throughout the country, including one of the largest for-profits, Tenet Healthcare.  READ MORE

Public health leaders say proposed research funding cuts weaken efforts to stop infectious diseases

Public health officials on Thursday said cuts to the National Institutes of Health proposed by President Donald Trump will weaken the global response to infectious disease outbreaks like Ebola.  READ MORE

News from other sources…

A special all-healthcare-bill edition (plus a bonus about birds).  READ MORE

This week’s poll: Over the next decade, what percentage of provider payments do you think will be tied to risk-based contracts?

Share your opinion in the latest edition of our bi-weekly reader poll. Over the next decade, what percentage of provider payments do you think will be tied to risk-based contracts?  READ MORE

Modern Healthcare’s Audience Insights Matter panel

Have thoughts about Modern Healthcare and our product offerings? Join our newly launched Audience Insights Matter (AIM) panel – a virtual way for our readers to regularly share their thoughts on a variety of topics to help us continue to improve.  READ MORE

Turnover to Triumph

Like most providers, you recognize turnover as a growing problem. Read how B.E. Smith researched and developed strategies to combat turnover in today’s healthcare industry.  READ MORE

Managing post-acute care in the 21st century

Post-acute care is often “fragmented and siloed” from the rest of the health care system. Now, hospitals can make some smart next steps and think strategically about post-acute care.  READ MORE

UVC Disinfection Isn’t the Future— It’s Now

A guide to UV disinfection: Learn about UV technology, its benefits and how Tru-D is validated to help improve patient outcomes while improving your bottom line.  READ MORE

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