Serena Williams vs. John McEnroe: It’s game, set, match Serena with a nude Vanity Fair cover to boot
Who cares where she’d rank if she were a male?
By Cindy Boren  •  Read more »
A man helped a lost toddler find her parents, police say. He was smeared online as a predator and fled town.
Police say the man was a ‘Good Samaritan.’ The father of the child and some friends disagreed and portrayed him on social media as a kidnapper.
By Amber Ferguson  •  Read more »
Massive cyberattack hits Europe with widespread ransom demands
The hack hit Ukraine hardest on Tuesday, but had affected computers from Russian to Great Britain.
By Andrew Roth  •  Read more »
Erik Wemple •  Opinion
Three CNN employees resign over retracted story on Russia ties
Major ramifications for a story gone wrong.
By Erik Wemple  •  Read more »
Poll shows U.S. tumbling in world’s regard under Trump
According to a new Pew survey of 37 countries, just 49 percent view the United States favorably.
By Isaac Stanley-Becker  •  Read more »
Wonkblog •  Analysis
A ‘very credible’ new study on Seattle’s $15 minimum wage has bad news for liberals
Seattle officials wanted to help poor workers when they voted to boost the minimum wage, but a new study says they may have done the opposite.
By Max Ehrenfreund  •  Read more »
The Plum Line •  Opinion
Will GOP moderates fold and give Trump a win? If so, they lied to you.
Any moderate who accepts a “side deal” from Mitch McConnell is basically rendering his or her previous concerns a lie.
By Greg Sargent  •  Read more »
The Trump-McConnell bond is being tested. So is the GOP agenda.
The two men are both hungry for a win. Their understanding, built to score legislative victories, does neither of them any good if victories remain out of reach.
By Robert Costa  •  Read more »
Speaking of Science •  Analysis
A ridiculous YouTube video claiming we found aliens kept making the news, so NASA debunked it
From an amateur YouTube clip, the “news” traveled through British tabloids to Newsweek. It took Russian state media to set things straight.
By Avi Selk  •  Read more »
Also Popular in Politics
No, the government did not pay for Mitch McConnell’s polio care. Charity did.
Left-wing websites have falsely claimed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell relied on government health care for his polio treatment.
By Kristine Phillips  •  Read more »
Trump takes another swipe at CNN following resignations
Supreme Court sides with religious institutions in a major church-state decision
White House says Syria’s Assad preparing another chemical attack, warns of ‘heavy’ penalty
Trump renews attack on ‘Fake News CNN’ after retraction
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Do GOP senators have an escape hatch on the awful health-care bill?
Voting no on a motion to proceed.
By Jennifer Rubin  •  Read more »
Want to know the worst thing about the GOP’s health-care bill?
Trump’s chaos is covering for stealth escalation overseas
For once, Trump is right about Obama
The Supreme Court’s travel ban order shows that lawyers can’t save us from Trump
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The future of U.S. swimming is 6 feet 9, 17 years old — and African American
Reece Whitley has grown accustomed to attention. He hopes one day it will be only because of his times, instead of his ethnicity.
By Dana O’Neil  •  Read more »
The Cubs are paying a price for their World Series title
‘Openly conservative’ Britt McHenry suggests politics played role in her ESPN departure
The NFL Shop thinks the Redskins play in … Washington state?
Think Michael Jordan, Serena Williams don’t carry a grudge? Watch their new Gatorade ad.
Also Popular in National
Pharmacist at center of deadly meningitis outbreak gets 9 years in prison
Dozens of people died and hundreds more fell ill in 2012 after being injected with tainted drugs from Barry Cadden’s compounding pharmacy.
By Derek Hawkins  •  Read more »
Audiences of Broadway’s graphic portrayal of ‘1984’ faint and vomit
Senate GOP health-care bill appears in deeper trouble following new CBO report
Joe Biden recalls lessons learned as the only white lifeguard at city pool in 1962
Horrifying video shows tourist boat sinking in minutes with scores on board
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A Fox News host ambushed Jesse Ventura about his ‘American Sniper’ lawsuit. It got ugly.
E.U. fines Google a record $2.7 billion in antitrust case over search results
The Pentagon promised citizenship to immigrants who served. Now it might help deport them.
Judge in Spain orders Salvador Dalí’s body exhumed for paternity test
Chemical weapons activity monitored at Syrian air base, U.S. officials say
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Trump takes another swipe at CNN following resignations
Analysis | The ultimate symbol of the pre-recession boom is back
Analysis | The best (and worst) of iOS 11
‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli goes on trial, where he finds another kind of limelight
Perspective | The real reason Republicans want to pass this Obamacare bill so much
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Analysis | The best (and worst) of iOS 11
Nintendo’s SNES Classic will be released with 20 vintage games
Gmail will no longer snoop on your emails for advertising purposes
SpaceX launches 10 satellites from California air base
Google hit with record fine by EU, told to change its ways
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Stephen Colbert mocks Trump, announces a week of ‘Late Show’ episodes from Russia